Overview of some startup ideas

Various ideas already have a PoC shown on the main page of this website.

  1. personalized chatbot for small celebraties ‘influencers’
  2. AI generated childrens books
  3. platform where artists can upload their art (portfolio) optimized for use by LLMs
  4. Ai tarot card reading
  5. chat with docs, or websites (very common solution, but focus on specific market could still work)
  6. Personal AI -> trained on personal data from many sources
  7. generative AI for onboarding at companies
  8. predict value of new art work based on its similarity of other art
  9. images LLM of pictures of wikihow (very descriptive pictures). results it the ability to generate images that describe a specific action well
  10. app to answer the question: ‘whats it like to live at location x
  11. Compare different populations
  12. sell your own data -> marketing, sales, time management
  1. animal shelter with simple chatbot with the character of the animal.
  2. summarize any topic -> keep up to date on any topic
  3. trend identifier -> identify trends one country see how it spreads
  4. predict human decision making -> specifc use case
  5. smart photo book generator. just upload images and describe the event
  6. get health tips based on picture of face
  7. company support to identify most critical elements of their company to innovate on, what are the quick wins
  8. Ai representing opinions of all employees -> chatbot for employees, use info for chatbot for CEO.
  9. AI in dental industry (review images of teeth for advice)
  10. AI company wide ‘virus scanner. Identify weaknesses of the company for it to be hacked.
  11. LLM as a training support tool-> plumber who uses LLM chatbot to figure out a solution.